It's the story of a rebirth...

The one of the oldest French brand of Tennis : Gauthier®️ 🎾
Est. 1890, Paris, France

Monsieur Gauthier

Our Tennis inspired clothing

Gauthier racquets were unanimously recognized for their exceptional quality.
We put all our heart into perpetuating this heritage of impeccable quality in our clothing, whose style is inspired by the greatest periods in tennis.

We manufacture in France, Italy and Portugal.

Pinked beige mac

100% cotton

V-neck sweater

90% wool 10% cashmere

Fleece logo t-shirt

100% cotton

Corduroy shirt

100% cotton

Velvet logo sweatshirt

90% cotton 10% polyamide


100% merino wool

Silk shirt

100% silk

Pleated sweatpants

90% cotton 10% polyamide

Teddy Jacket

90% cotton 10% polyamide

Chevron cotton pique cotton polo shirt - Private sale Sweatshort in soft cotton - Private sale Printed shirt in silk - Limited Edition La Veste Gauthier®️ - Soft cotton Teddy Velvet logo sweatshirt in soft cotton

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Our racquets

If you don't know them, let's make the introduction.
We've chosen 3 models. 
I'm sure they'll bring back fond memories for some players.  

Overcome model

Équipe de France model

François Jauffret model

Our logo : the origins

Our racquets : the link between past and present

Our history

Oldest French House of Tennis
A family adventure started in 1890, Paris, France

Our 1st patent

How the family adventure began

It all started in 1890, when Leonard Gauthier created his first handcrafted tennis racquets.

In 1920, Leonard and his brother set up their first factory in Colombes, in the Parisian suburbs, before filing their first patent for racquets improvement in 1928 in Paris.

Later, Jean Gauthier, Leonard's son, took over the reins of the family business, before handing over the management of the company to his son Gerard, the third generation of Gauthier.

In 1982, the company was at its peak : being internationally recognized for its quality, it produced 100,000 racquets per year and exported as far as Japan.
However, missing the turn to the new composite materials for racquets, production fell two years later to 25,000 racquets. The company collapsed and the family adventure came to an end after 90 years of history...

How the family adventure has continued

When I found a gauthier racquet 4 years ago, I didn't know this iconic brand of French Tennis. Legitimately, because the brand disappeared in 1985, the same year I was born.

Passionate about History and Tennis, I managed to find after a long search the Gauthier family in Normandy to present them my idea : continue the gauthier adventure with clothing inspired by the greatest periods of Tennis, that would be faithful to the heritage that made gauthier famous - an impeccable quality.

Clothes have nowadays lost their quality and I wanted to perpetuate in our clothing the same passion for quality the Gauthier family had put into their racquets.

A new project that has already conquered Monsieur Gauthier :
"It's heartwarming to see the brand reappear" (Ouest France)
Welcome to gauthier, the story of a passionate person who has set himself a goal: to give a family brand back its former glory.